30 April 2009

I can hardly wait

I just came back from my evening walk along Vonitsa seaside with Posi (Poseidon, my dog). This evening I had the pleasant surprise of spotting three bottlenose dolphins surfacing quite close to town. It happened when I was looking at the local fishermen on board their small wooden boats, at about half a mile from where we were, setting their fishing nets at dusk.

After observing the dolphins for about ten minutes they performed a couple of leaps and disappeared. My joy contrasted with the annoyed faces of a couple of old fishermen who approached me once they saw me staring at the calm sea. Certainly, they were thinking about how many holes they were going to find in their fishing nets tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow arrives our first team of volunteers. I can hardly wait to go out and meet again the dolphins of Amvrakikos.


Dolphins in a Bottle comes to life

The countdown has started. Next friday, 1st of May, with the arrival of our first team of Earthwatch volunteers Tethys Research Institute starts a new research season in the Amvrakikos Gulf.

Ahead of us lay many hours to be spent at sea in company of the bottlenose dolphins and the rest of the stunning fauna inhabiting the Amvrakikos Gulf.

Those of you who have had the chance to participate in our project know how unique this place is. Today we inaugurate a new blog. Dolphins in a Bottle comes to life as an open window for you to take a look, whenever tempted to know how things are going around here. Not tempted yet? Wait and see!